• Many paces in Australia have high bushfire levels and the Building Code of Australia requires that every new home be designed and constructed to meet strict regulations depending on the site's BAL (Bushfire Attack Level).

  • ​ShelterSpace earth sheltered homes easily meet these requirements, in most cases far exceeding them.

  • ​By building the house just below the surface of the ground and covering a large part of the exterior of the structure with earth mounds, we achieve a level of fire resistance rarely approached by other forms of housing. There are no eaves, gutters, valleys, ridges or gables....nowhere for sparks or embers to enter the roof space...because there virtually isn't any 'roof space'. 

  • On sites with a high BAL, we specify Flame Zone rated window shutters to protect the windows from radiant heat and flying object impact.

  • Most of our house designs have concrete water tanks at the ends of the house that collect the rain water form the roof and act as wing-walls to retain the earth mounds. Yes the roof water is harvested like any other house.

  • We design into each home an entry air-lock that minimises the possibility of ember entry and also helps retain the interior temperature.

  • ​All external exposed walls are built of non-combustible materials.​

Bushfire Resistance - underground homes