• ​​​In the early 80s, when Paul started designing and building earth sheltered houses for his clients, he chose a building construction method that best suited the Australian Building Industry rather than an adaption of an overseas concept. Since then our designs have not deviated from these established principals, they are as sound today as they were back then. 

  • ​But we have not been resting on our laurels...over the past 35 years we have been developing and refining the basic construction system by small careful increments, introducing new methods and materials only after much research and trial.​ 

  • The result is a tried and tested system with the flexibility to allow us to taylor a house to suit each client's particular site and budget. Our homes are built by builders with tradespeople local to your site and engaged by the client directly. Many of our homes have been owner-built.

  • This basic building system may be straightforward and well established, but it is in the many important details where the advancements have been made, and continue to be made...details that are specific to an Australian earth sheltered house. It's these details that make the difference and they are incorporated into our very detailed drawings.

  • These improvements are being continually incorporated into each new project, and are covered in depth in our drawings and instructional videos. 

  • Each new home is structurally engineered to meet Australian building codes and certification requirements, using a local consulting structural engineer.

  • We are kept up-to-date with current building costs so we can taylor each new design to fit the client budget.​​

                   Here are photos of recent builds from around the country​. earth sheltered house construction

Earth Sheltered House Construction