Waterproofing, Drainage & Backfilling an underground home

  • ​​​​Waterproofing and Drainage are of the utmost importance to an earth sheltered house.

  • ​The waterproofing and the drainage work together to keep the house dry and comfortable. The waterproofing prevents water from entering the house...and the drainage allows it to flow safely away from behind the house and to captured rain water off the roof. 

  • There are many factors to waterproofing and drainage that need to be understood and dealt with properly...there are no short cuts!

  • We have been developing and refining our system of waterproofing and drainage for 35 years...researching, testing, discarding or adopting building materials and construction methods that are appropriate to Australia. The end result is a system that can be undertaken by both experienced builders or D.I.Y. owner-builders. Our fully detailed drawings give step-by-step instructions, with photos and video packages available to clients if required.

  • Our system utilises readily available and relatively inexpensive geotextile materials developed for large scale civil engineering projects.

  • There are products on the market that suggest similar results...but don't deliver the specific requirements that are needed for long-term trouble-free operation. 

  • Here are some photos from the dozens in the information package available to clients.​​